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Here’s Why All Parties Benefit:

Licensing Will Protect The Customer
Only reputable roofing companies registered in Missouri will be able to work on residential or commercial roofs. Fly-by-night storm chasers descend on a stricken area and will “take the money and run” without completing the job, while leaving bogus contact information. Customers often need their roofing jobs redone from the damage caused by a storm chaser and the insurance companies may only pay once. And it’s not just storm chasers. Large, out-of-state companies also “chase” storm damage. Many “locals” decide to start in roofing in times of storms. Other trades even try to get into roofing. Licensing will prevent all of this, too.

Licensing Will Protect Residential and Commercial
Roofing Contractors

Contractors will be registered and licensed with the state. Many of the same requirements of licensing are the way reputable roofing contractors have been doing business for years, many of whom are fourth and fifth generation family businesses, with A+ BBB ratings. So it won’t hurt, change or impact how they do business, but it will keep out the companies who give all roofers a bad name.

Licensing Will Benefit Missouri
Fewer lawsuits, fewer consumer complaints, less work for the Attorney General’s office. States surrounding Missouri have laws licensing roofing contractors, so licensing will prevent storm chasers from coming to Missouri. That means more business for licensed contractors and more tax dollars kept in-state.

What The RSCA Wants To Include In The Licensing Language

  • An enforceable law with penalties for contractors who are not licensed in Missouri
  • The registered agent on the job, or the contractor signing the contract with the customer, is the licensed party. Their subcontractors will not be required to be licensed
  • Licensed companies will be financially solvent with proven experience in the industry
  • Cash bond with proof of liability insurance
  • Require a contractor to show a registered card that proves to the consumer that they are licensed in Missouri

The Roofing & Siding Contractors Alliance represents and promotes the interests of commercial and residential roofing and siding companies in St. Louis and the surrounding area.