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Talking points for end of temporary measures in residential fall enforcement

  • On March 15, 2013, after 18 months, OSHA has ended its temporary enforcement measures for fall protection in residential construction. These temporary measures were implemented to help employers transition to the agency’s new Residential Fall Protection requirements contained in the December 2010 policy change (see directive 03-11-002). 

  • The 2010 change re-implemented fall protection requirements issued by OSHA in 1994 and temporarily suspended shortly thereafter.

  • OSHA has been conducting inspections and enforcing the new Residential Fall Protection requirements since September 2011.

  • The temporary enforcement measures included:

    Prioritized compliance assistance for residential construction employers.

    Since the temporary measures were implemented, OSHA’s free on-site consultation program has conducted over 4,100 visits to assist residential construction employers.  In addition, the On Site consultation program conducted over 1,100 training sessions and 500 presentations for residential construction employers. During that same time, OSHA’s Compliance Assistance Specialists conducted over 1,500 outreach activities throughout the country.  

    Penalty reductions and extended abatement periods for employers who were not in compliance with the new requirements. 

    These penalty reductions and extended abatement periods are no longer needed. Very few employers have been cited for violating the new requirements. The vast majority of employers cited for residential fall protection violations since September 2011were not providing any fall protection and would have been in violation of the old requirements.

  • Falls continue to be the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry.  OSHA will continue to provide information and assistance through its consultation program and efforts such as the joint OSHA/NIOSH/NORA fall prevention awareness campaign.  This campaign has reached hundreds of thousands of workers and employers.  Information and outreach materials can be found on the fall prevention campaign webpage.  OSHA will also continue to distribute compliance assistance materials. All materials are available on its residential construction webpage