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Hundreds of homes that have been hit by this heavy snow build-up and many homeowners will experience water infiltration over the next several days. It might be better to consider it a building leak rather than a roof leak because most leaks will occur at plumbing pipes, chimneys, or side walls on dormers and garages at the one story to two story intersections were heat from inside of the house is in contact with snow areas. Other areas like large valleys and crickets will experience some water backup or at the eaves were the gutters allow the ice to collect as the snow melts.

Here are some suggestions, which are more of WHAT NOT TO DO than WHAT TO DO should you experience a leak.

DO NOT attempt to pull the snow off of the roof while standing on a ladder. For obvious safety reasons you might fall off of a ladder.

DO NOT throw salt (calcium chloride or sodium chloride) on the roof because it will have the same affect on your asphalt roof shingles as it does on the asphalt pavement.

DO NOT chip away at the ice build-up at the eave (or edge) of your roof because as we go through this freeze/thaw period over the next week, the ice buildup will attach itself to the shingle tabs and it will be very easy to break these tabs causing roof damage.

DO contact a qualified roofing contractor to inspect your roof after the snow has melted if you feel the need. (Yes - there will probably be a fee for this service.) Certainly we recommend a member of the RSCA (Roofing & Siding Contractors Alliance). Members represent a large list of contractors serving the St. Louis bi-state region.

We would also recommend you wait until after the first rain once the snow has melted. This will confirm if the leak occurs again.

Unfortunately this type of storm does not fall under a manufacturer's shingle warranty nor under the roofing installers workmanship guarantee.