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Protection Program

RSCA is committed to ethics and protecting consumers
What we are working on.

CAPP: Program Goals & Purpose

Our CAPP Program sets us apart from other contractors by giving our customers the peace of mind of knowing that we hold ourselves to strict industry quality standards. 

Protect Consumers & Contractors

Provide an impartial, inexpensive, and expedited process for resolving consumer concerns.

Offer Transparency

Distinguish the highest quality, most reputable, contractors from others, even within the RSCA.

Issue a Stamp of Quality

With CAPP, we show that RSCA membership signifies an industry-leading commitment to quality services.

CAPP Participants

Who can participate?

The CAPP program is available to all RSCA member contractors and all consumers associated with those members. Program available before and after members provide services, subject to the guidelines below.

How can i tell witch contractors are CAP?

RSCA members who commit to participate shall receive a special designation (“Preferred Member”).

Is there a detriment for not participating in CAP?

No RSCA members are obligated to participate. No negative aspersions for failing to commit. CAPP’s goal is to help us become consumer advocates like the Better Business Bureau and National Roofing Contractors Association.

How the capP program works

CAPP’s mission is to protect customers via an unbiased auditing process. Here is how it works:

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Protect yourself. Whether you are a consumer or a contractor, the CAPP program is designed to safeguard against bad business practices.


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